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Designed by Dr. Maria Montessori 


 NOW Accepting Applications for the 2019-2020 School Year.  We offer classrooms observations daily for prospective new families.   Please call us to schedule a classroom observation appointment 770-460-6790

Montessori Primary & Elementary Explained (VIDEO)


Thank you for your interest in the Fayette Montessori School. We believe that the development of the child from considerable dependence to remarkable independence takes place within the first six years of life, and we foster that learning into the elementary years. The Montessori method allows your child to learn through activity, observation, and discovery. This educational approach cultivates independence, confidence, character, creativity and the ability to make independent choices. Montessori is for lifelong learning. Our approach encourages innovation instead of standardization.  Our classrooms are challenging, collaborative and  geared toward various levels of ability and interest, which will instill in your child a lifelong joy for learning and well rounded success.

Fayette Montessori serves all children twenty months through twelve years old. The campus has one Toddler classroom for children ages twenty months to three years, two Primary classrooms for children ages three to six, one Lower Elementary classroom for children ages six to nine and one Upper Elementary classroom for children ages nine to twelve. In addition to our classroom facilities, we have beautiful gardens which are tended and enjoyed by our students. Our wooded four acre campus also has several age appropriate play areas, a soccer field and a gymnasium/ auditorium.

Fayette Montessori is fully recognized by the Association  Montessori Internationale (AMI), an international organization founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori to ensure the quality of her work. This ensures that each school follows the guidelines established by Dr. Montessori for quality in all aspects, including the classroom design, materials, furniture,student-teacher ratios, age mix, and qualifications held by teachers. This also ensures the school's credibility within the AMI community locally, nationally and internationally. A triennial reaccreditation process ensures that AMI accredited schools adhere to the philosophy of Dr. Montessori's principles.
To learn more about AMI School Accreditation, please visit the AMI-USA website. 

We are also accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC). Since its beginning in 1904 the mission of the Commission has been to establish standards promoting instruction of high quality for children in Georgia and encourage schools to meet these standards. 

To learn more about these GAC accreditation, please visit the Georgia Accrediting Commission website.

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